There is many problem of pigeons in many area now a day. Pigeon getting easily to access from from open plumbing duct and find good nesting area on the pipes and inside the duct Pigeon making nets giving lays eggs.There is big problem on bird dropping inside the duct with cannot easy to clean Many pigeon died in duct and causing large amount of fungs that lungs diseas. We have developrd a special net without killing them. These net made of co-polymers and nlyon.

Parmanent solution

The nets have a mesh size of 1 inch to 1.5 inch,which makes the net impregnable to the pigeon and other birds. once installed the bird are kept away foreever. The materiald used to make nets are co-polymer nylon stabilized is extremely strong nets not blocking the air view it is also washable easily and special expertisee. The nets are trailor made based on the specific needs of each location hence there are easy to install and also easy to remove and fix cleaning.