Roll UP Mosquito Net For Windows

Aluminum roller shutter door adopts new materail of aluminium alloy,the double layer slats is shaped by hot extrusion which more stronger and with the the function of prying resistant.
The surface of the aluminium roller shutter door conduct oxidation processes and painted in the condition of high temperature.
The coating is sysmmetrical and not easily to flake good adhesion and strong resistant to corrosion durableand nice using specialized exterior motar with thermal protectiondevice durable, low noise easily to install.
The open command is electric with fixed button switches and remote controls it can open manually in case of power failure also.

  • Durable- Frame made of robust aluminum section
  • Screen- Fibreglass insect screen is flexible and durable.It is available in grey and black.
  • Selfcleaning- Built in bursh to clean the screen every time roll it
  • Installation- It is easy to install front or side fixing is possible
  • Frame colour- System coloured as per window colour or as per requriment powder coating colour available and anodzing and special colour on choice

Mosquito Net For Windows
roller mosquito net for windows